It was 6 a.m. at the Cleveland Hopkins International airport, where 15 Cleveland State students overtook a slew of benches, intermixed with the mass amount of brightly colored suitcases in every shape and size.  This was a group of students who signed up with Viking Expeditions, a student led service organization, to travel 1,365 miles from their Cleveland homes to make the dream of living in a home a reality for two Santa Fe families.

Vinnie Cardamone, CSU nursing major, sacrificed his spring break, a coveted time for many college students, to spend in the sunny state of New Mexico where the air is dry, the altitude is high, and the vast sky is a constant shade of blue.  This was his first experience traveling with Viking Expeditions and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, but he knew it wouldn’t be his last.   Continue reading

A Whole New World: Multimedia Storytelling


I created this video for a class project, and realized I have a passion for multimedia storytelling.  I have never had to shoot b-role before, or take videos for a purpose other than guiltily hoarding them on my phone.  I also made the biggest mistake that one can make when shooting film…*sigh* I shot half of my footage vertically.  There I said it.  Give me a break though, I didn’t know how serious of a mistake this was!  When I told my teacher about my rookie mistake, instead of a comforting “it will be alright you can still salvage some of it!”  I got a horrifying, “Oh no that’s really bad!”  Yes Professor Slankard, you really said that.  Although it turns out I was able to salvage a lot of it by just cropping the video to fill the frame. *Phew*

I made this entire film using my iPhone 6 and my Nikon Coolpix point and shoot camera.  I know that sounds pretty janky, but you will be surprised to see the finished product I managed to string together!  It may even inspire you to make your own videos without feeling like you have no resources because believe me, I had just about as little resources as it gets when it comes to shooting a video.


Please follow this link to see how I shot all of the good vibes that Ohio City has to offer at their yearly street festival!




Character Spotlight

This is the first audio slideshow I have ever created, and it is centered on my compelling subject- Cyndi from the Glass Bubble Project.  In this short video, Cyndi opens her heart to the audience and goes on about how wonderful the Glass Bubble project in Ohio City really is.  Believe me, she is not lying.


It is worth the trip there just to see the beautiful glass pieces crammed into every inch of shelf space, and “air” space hanging everywhere like twinkling gems.  You can even pay Morty the mascot a visit.

There is ALWAYS someone blowing glass whether it is a group of kids, adults, or the experienced artists who are self taught in the craft.  You can get lost for hours just watching how easy and beautiful these people make glassblowing look.


International Professor’s Art Exhibit

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Leslaw Tetla Ph.D. is a visiting Polish Scholar who had his art exhibit at the Magalan Art Gallery in Slavic Village in Cleveland.  The unique thing about Dr. Tetla’s work is that it is focused on negative space, and the way in which a front porch stands as a way to welcome others to one’s home in a somewhat private and public space.  His work reflects the front porch theme, which is clear from the literal front porch he constructed as the center piece of his exhibit!

What made the night warm and intimate for an art exhibit, was speaking with all of the people who had real connections to the artist.  I met with a very small and very lovely lady who has been running a Polish radio show for over 50 years, and featured Dr. Tetla’s wife on the station. I also met a couple who were the keepers of the front porch centerpiece in their living room. Another woman worked closely with Dr. Tetla showing him and his family around Cleveland and helping them adjust. She was also responsible for taking him to Home Depot to purchase all of the lumber for his porch.

All of these individuals were so compelling and different, but were joined together for the same intention of supporting Dr. Tetla on his big night.

Watch the video I made to capture the evening!